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Issue of George Sandes of Greenville (0303) and Anna Whyte:

Rose (0201) was born in 1855. On 5 January 1881 she was married to William Ranalow of Wolfsdene, Co. Tipperary, by whom she had issue. She died on 17 March 1888.

Agnes (0202) was born in 1857. On 16 September 1880 she was married to Robert Butler Moriarty of Millstreet, Co. Cork, by whom she had issue.

Josephine (0203) was born in 1859. On 30 January 1883 she was married to Fleet-Surgeon Ingham Hanbury CB RN.

George (0204) was born in 1861. He was a Captain in the Kerry Regiment, and died without issue on 3 March 1887. The chancel window of St Johns, Listowel, was erected in his memory by his father.

John (Jack) of Greenville (0205) was born on 25 September 1868. He was educated at Trinity College Dublin and called to the Irish Bar in 1893. He was a JP and a Captain in the 4th Battalion Royal Munster Fusiliers. On 30 April 1896 he married Maud Tudor, daughter of Richard Sale JP of Barrow-on-Trent, Derbyshire, by whom he had two daughters. In 1898 he petitioned Ulster King of Arms for a grant of armorial bearings, which were identical with those granted in 1879 to Falkner Sandes Collis-Sandes mentioned earlier. When my father was a Cadet at the RMA Woolwich, Jack entertained him to dinner at the Savoy; my father recalls him as a tall, burly, rubicund man, a most lively character and full of good stories, typically Irish. He was a member of the United Services Club, Dublin, and of St George’s Club, Hanover Square, London, and at that time must have been well off. But by about 1920 he had sold Greenville to a Mr Healey, and in his later years was reduced to working as a guide at St Paul's Cathedral, London, where my mother and sister were astonished and embarrassed to meet him in 1946.