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Issue of John Sandes of Listowel (0404) and Agnes Sandes (A0414):
George of Greenville (0303) was born on 12 October 1821. On 16 December 1854 he married Anna, daughter of Captain Charles John Whyte of Loughbrickland, County Down, and of the 95th Regiment of Foot, later embodied in The Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment. She was a descendant of Walter Whyte who was knighted in 1171 by King Henry II for his courage and allegiance in the conquest of Ireland under Strongbow. By her, who died on 8 July 1894, George had five children. In 1856 Slater’s Directory listed him as an Agent, but he seems to have prospered thereafter. On the death of his uncle William Gough (0415) in 1873 he succeeded to the Greenville estate, in 1881 he was listed in the local directory as a Gentleman, he also became a JP, and was appointed High Sheriff in 1887.
However, it can not be denied that George also had a most unpleasant reputation in the county. In 1875 the Kerry Evening Post reported The Kerry Slander Case, in which George sought £3,000 damages against Thomas Bolton Silles for imputing him as an unjust, oppressive and dishonest land agent; his case was argued by four barristers, two of them QCs, so he may not have lacked means. In 1881, he was reported as having refused one John Galvin permission to marry his sweetheart, who had a fortune of £300, unless Galvin gave him £200,
and was described as a constant terror and menace to the families of the peasantry. In 1886 it was reported that ‘none of the Kerry tenantry are more pitifully straitened or utterly disheartened by the terrible agricultural depression of the last nine months than those who have the acute misfortune of possessing Mr George Sandes as an agent’. According to Gaughan, it was at about this time that John V Fitzpatrick ‘vehemently denounced George Sandes, a notorious landlord, for evicting some unfortunate tenants’. George lived in a house on the north side of Listowel Square which received very little sunshine, and Fitzpatrick, carried away by the passion of his oratory, said that because of George’s crimes of injustice the sun never shone on his hall door; that night someone rolled a lighted tar barrel to the door, apparently to compensate. George was at that time listed as occupier of Nos 24 and 35 The Square, as well as having a residence at Greenville. In 1890 it was further reported that ‘the well known land agent Mr George Sandes was cited as defendant against a process by John and Mary Quinlan for £50 due for maintenance of George’s illegitimate child Eliza Sandes since 1883’, and that George won his case on a point of law. In 1892 he was in the news again, over church affairs: when the new incumbent of the parish proposed at the annual vestry meeting of the church at Listowel that George be appointed church warden for the coming year, all present except the chairman, the sexton and George himself ‘rose and left the church in a body as a protest against the appointment which many regarded as an insult to their church’. He is said to have lost his office of JP because of his sexual misconduct, and Gaughan mentions a strong local tradition that he was a notorious womaniser, at a time when gambling, racing, women and drink were the main pursuits of the ‘respectable’ youth of Listowel, and that he died ‘the gander’s death‘ (was he strangled??). This occured on 25 October 1895, and he is commemorated by a marble tablet in St Johns Heritage Centre, The Square, Listowel, formerly the Protestant St Johns Church. The tablet bears the family arms and motto.
John (0304) was born in 1824. On 26 October 1865 he married Catherine, daughter of John De Renzy Waters of Dublin, and died without issue on 18 March 1887. He was probably the John Sandes named in Slater’s Directory of 1856 as an attorney, of The Square, Listowel.
Honoria (0305) was born in 1826 and died aged eight on 5 November 1834.
Elizabeth Agnes (0306) was born in 1828. On 30 August 1849 she was married to enry Smith, County Inspector of the Royal Irish Constabulary, by whom she had issue. She died on 29 August 1889.
Maria (0307) was born in 1831. On 20 November 1860 she was married to William Walton MD of Tralee, Co. Kerry, by whom she had issue. She died on 2 March 1890.
Henry Moore (0308) was born in 1832, and was a Major in the Kerry Regiment. Slater’s Directory of 1856 named him as a Gentleman, of Listowel. On 10 April 1876 he married Mary Wilhelmina, daughter of Hugh Eldon Yielding, of New Park, Co. Limerick, and
died without issue on 13 December 1883. His widow was married secondly to Major Oliver Stokes Eagar by whom she had issue.
Thomas William (0309) was born in 1842. He became a Captain in the Madras Staff Corps. On 11 August 1887 he married Mary Louise, daughter of Henry Sheldon of Staverton House, Gloucestershire, and died without issue on 22 June 1895.