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Issue of Thomas William Sandes of Sallow Glen (0401) and Margaret Chute:

William of Sallow Glen (0301) was born in 1799. In 1817 he was admitted to Trinity College Dublin, where he took his BA in 1821. He was appointed High Sheriff in 1828, and married in December 1836 Rupertia, only daughter of Charles Higgs of Charlton Kings, Gloucestershire. He died without issue in 1867 and was succeeded by his brother Thomas.

Francis (0302) was born in 1800. In 1817 he was admitted to Trinity College Dublin, where he took his BA in 1822. He became a minister of the Church, and died without issue on 9 November 1839.

Thomas of Sallow Glen (0303) was born in 1802. From records of Trinity College Dublin, he was probably admitted in 1819 and took his BA in 1824. He was a JP and DL. In 1839 he married Elizabeth, daughter of Francis Bernard Chute of Rathanny, and died without issue on 21 June 1874. He is buried in Ballylongford burial ground, with his brother Falkiner (0308).

Stephen Creagh (0304) married Mary Anne, daughter of William Carrique Ponsonby of Crotta, Co. Kerry, by whom he had nine children. He died on 10 December 1866.

Richard (0305) died without issue in 1874.

Maurice Fitzgerald of Oak Park, Tralee, Co. Kerry (0306) may have been born on 1805, but more probably on 26 September 1807. In 1823 he was admitted to Trinity College Dublin, where he took his BA in 1828., and was called to the Bar in 1831. He must have prospered in India, as he made a fortune from investment in tea plantations and indigo dye production, becoming a Director of the Balyan Tea Co of Assam, and Registrar General of Bengal. He was also a JP of Co Kerry and High Sheriff of Tralee in 1874. On 8 January 1857 he married Ellen Louisa, daughter of Thomas Stratford Dennis of Fort Granite, Co. Wicklow. In 1860 he completed a new mansion house at Oak Park at a cost of £43,000, described in the local press as the most elegant and comfortable residence among those of the country gentry, and owned some 11,000 acres of land. He died without issue on 4 March 1879, leaving his estates to his nephew, Falkiner Sandes Collis, sixth son of Stephen Edward Collis of Tieraclea, Co. Kerry and Margaret (0309). His wife died on 16 March 1894. Oak Park is now an educational and cultural centre, known as Collis-Sandes House.

Robert (0307) was educated at Clonmel and may have been admitted to Trinity College Dublin about 1824. He died without issue in 1875.

Falkiner Chute (0308) was born in 1816. On 5 July 1832 he was admitted to Trinity College Dublin, where he took his BA in 1837 and his MA in 1865. He married on 19 April 1860 Amelia, daughter of Sir John Lister-Kaye, Bt. of Denby, Yorkshire. He died without issue on 8 April 1874 and is buried at Ballylongford with his brother Thomas. His wife had died in 1861.

Margaret (0309) was married to Stephen Edward Collis above on 29 July 1829 at Tieraclea, and died on 25 August 1868. Her sixth son, Falkner Sandes Collis-Sandes above, was in 1879 granted leave by Royal Licence to take the name and armorial bearings of Sandes in compliance with his uncle’s will. The arms were ‘Argent a fess dancetty between four cross crosslets fitchy three in chief and one in base gules’. The crest was ‘Or a wreath of the colours On a maint Vert a gryphon segreant Or collared floretty Gules’. The motto was ‘Virtus Fortunae Victrix’. Margaret’s husband died on 7 January 1880, and another son, Capt Maurice Collis-Sandes was killed on the Somme in 1917..

Elizabeth (0310) was married to Major Pierce Crosbie of Ballyheigue, Co. Kerry, in July 1831, and had issue by him. However, shortly after this she eloped to the continent with a groom, having previously bestowed her favours on stable lads, and all trace of her was lost; it took her husband fifteen years to get an order presuming her decease, but in fact she had died soon after the elopement, on 25 May 1835.

Anna (0311) was married on 23 February 1854 to The Rev. John Nunn Woodroffe, Rector of Glanmire, Co. Cork, and died on 30 November 1872, leaving issue.