Reference: Adrian Sandes - Chapter 1 Annex C, Page 5-02

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Issue of Charles Sandes of Carrigafoyle, Morgans and Clontarf (0201) and Mildred Brown:

Charles Francis (0104) was born in 1860, and was a JP.

Mildred Ida (0105) was married in 1880 to Norman Sands Spencer-Black of Craigmaddie, Scotland.

Mary Constance (0106) was married in 1884 to Samuel Boxwell of Blackrock, Co Dublin, by whom she had a son, William Sandes Boxwell. William, who lived at East Molesey, Surrey, in the 1920s, possessed portraits of William (A 0907) and Lancelot (A 0801), which have yet to be traced.

Elizabeth Rose (0107) was married to His Honour Judge Brown KC.

Isabella Mauraithe (0108) was married to The Rev Robert W Ronayne MA.

Dora (0109) was married to Gerald Fitzgerald King.