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Lancelot of Kilcavan (0701) was probably born not later than about 1685; indeed, if he was the eldest son he would have been born not later than 1671. He, or possibly his cousin Lancelot (0601), was MP for Portarlington, Queens County, from 1715 to 1727. He was party to a lease in 1720 and a deed in 1727, the latter probably to do with the marriage articles of his son Pigott (0606) and Susanna Warren. From a further deed of 1745, to do with the marriage articles of himself and Elizabeth his widow, by whom he had no children, he married her on 5 March 1707, and must have died by 1745. There is no record of the mother of his two sons.
Richard (0702) was born at Kilcavan in 1671. In 1685 he was admitted to Trinity College, Dublin, but is not known to have graduated. He was buried at St Michans, Dublin in 1697.
William (0703) and George (0704) were also buried at St Michans, in 1685 and 1694 respectively.

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Burial   about 1694
Birth   about 1671
Burial   about 1697
Burial   about 1685
Birth   about 1672