Falkiner Sandes Collis-Sandes (1844 - 1912)

Personal details

Individual notes:

He went to Bromsgrove School and graduated 1866 B.A. Trinity College, Dublin.
He was a Barrister at Law, Justice of the Peace, Deputy Lieutenant and High Sheriff of Kerry in 1882. The 1891 census shows them all to be living at 7 Southwell Gardens, Kensington with seven servants.

Birth information

Birth date:
15 October 1844
Birth note:
He was baptised (COI) on 8 November 1844 at the parish church of Kilnaughtin.

Death information

Death date:
13 February 1912
Death note:
He left £59, 447 10s. 4d. to Maurice James Collis Sandes and Francis George Mirfield.

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Falkiner Sandes Collis-Sandes (1844 - 1912)
Falkiner Sandes Collis-Sandes with his wife and daughters, from a photograph in the possession of Ursula Leslie, Tarbert House, Tarbert, Kerry.