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Kerry.— On "Little" Christmas Day Matthew Enright, Meen, was evicted from his holding on the Collis property at the instance of the agent, George Sandes, Listowel. Enright held 231/2 acres of land, the valuation of which is £9 5s, and the yearly rent £24, but it was reduced to £17 on his entering the Land Court, Enright's family consists of a wife and four helpless children and a son of 20 years of age. Five years ago he fell into arrears owing to the death of his cattle and several other calamities, visitations of Providence. He had been in possession of the holding, which he took up on the death of his father, for twenty-five years, and had made considerable improvements for which be was not in the slightest degree compensated. On October 17 last he was able, owing to money received from daughters in America, to pay a gale's rent to the agent, but a few days afterwards he was served with an eviction-made-easy notice. He then repaired to the rent office in The Square and offered to pay another half-year's rent if Mr Sandes would promise not to proceed against him for the balance of the arrears for two months, when Enright considered he would be able to liquidate the entire amount of the arrears, but Mr Sandes refused to accede to this request and said that be could do nothing for him, It was not, however, till "Little" Christmas Day that the warrant of prosecution was put into execution, Enright, with his wife and family, is now on the roadside, sheltered only from the inclemency of the weather by an improvised " house," which affords little or no protection. Some of the other tenants on this estate are also under threat of eviction, but it is believed that they will not meekly submit, and will form a combination for their mutual protection.

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