Reference: New Zealand Tablet - 06 May 1887, page 13

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Tuesday, 23 June, 2020

Here is a scene that was witnessed near Listowel, in the County of Kerry. Forty policemen and the crowbar brigade, under the subsheriff, went to evict a poor law guardian named Trench, who is the tenant of Mr. George Sandes, the sheriff of Kerry. Passive resistance being offered the police could not effect an entrance to the room. They were then ordered to load their guns with buckshot, which they did. Seeing this Mr. Trench bared his breast, and said he was better prepared to go before his God than George Sandes. After several hours' struggle an entrance was effected, and the tenant evicted, "We ask," says the Pall Mall Gazette ''all members of the House of Commons to note the singular expression used by that Kerry tenant as he stood bare breasted before the muzzles of the police, for in it they will find a key to explain much that at present is inexplicable in North Kerry.

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