Reference: New Zealand Tablet - 04 April 1901 page 10

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Tuesday, 23 June, 2020

A correspondent of Mr. T. P. O'Connor's weekly writes as follows regarding the present Commander-in-Chief of the forces in South Africa : — ' Let me set you right about Lord Kitchener's natal spot, regarding which I happen to know a good deal, having myself been born within a couple of miles of it. He was born at Gunsborough Cottage, which was lent to his father, Lieutenant-Colonel Kitchener, by the father of the well-known ri-dtvant Irish M. Pierce Mahony, of Kilmorna, Gunsborough is within three miles of Listowel, the capital of North Kerry. He was baptised at the Iittle Protestant Church nearby — now in ruins, I believe — by the late Rev. Robert Sandes, a representative of the family of which the late Mr. George Sandes, of Grenville, Listowel, was a well known member.

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