Reference: Queensland Family History - Sandes BMD

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Wednesday, 23 September, 2020
Type Given names Family name Date of event Date of birth Mother name Parent name Other party given names Other party family name
Samuel Dickson Sandes 10/01/1912 10/01/1912 Frances Beatrice Elsie Harris
James Sandes 10/08/1888 Jane McKeon James Sandes
Ernest James Sandes 29/10/1878 Annie Jane Gondy James Sandes
Frederick Charles Sandes 24/04/1893 - James Sandes
Annie Mabel Sandes 03/12/1881 03/12/1881 03/12/1881 Annie Jane Goudy James Sandes
Earnest James Sandes 15/02/1878 15/02/1878 15/02/1878 Annie Jane Goudy James Sandes

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