Reference: Sandys of Cumberland, Sect IV Appendix, note 125

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Friday, 3 June, 2016
From Registry of Deeds, Dublin :—
65-63-44375. Assignment 30th September, 1730. Pigott
and Richard Sandes of Kilcavan Esqs., to Richard Warburton
of Garryhinch. Refers to 18th May, 1725, when Robert
Pigott of Dysert granted to Emanuel Pigott of Chetwynd, Cork,
for £4,000 lands of Dysert, etc. Robert Pigott by his will
5th January, 1728, bequeathed £300 to his brother Walter
Pigott. Probate of will granted to Walter Pigott and Thomas
Pigott (nephew of Robert Pigott). Now above for £300 grant
Dysert to Warburton. 24th October, 1730.

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