Reference: Sandys of Cumberland, Sect IV Appendix, note 123

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Friday, 1 May, 2020
From Registry of Deeds, Dublin :-
78-1952822. Lease 10th August, 1732, between John Sandes
of Limerick, gent., Thomas Sandes his son and heir, Richard
Ponsonby of Crotto, Kerry, Esq., John Fitzgerald and others.
Recites that James Leslie demised to John Sandes lands of
Glansillagh, etc., in Co. Kerry, Leslie demised said lands to
Thomas Sandes in trust for John. Lancelot Sandes demised
to John Sandes certain lands in Kerry. Marriage to take place
between Thomas Sandes and Bridget Fitzgerald one of the
sisters of John Fitzgerald. John and Thomas Sandes make
over lands named to trustees for use of said Thomas and
Bridget. 2nd March, 1733.

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