Reference: Sandys of Cumberland, Sect IV Appendix, note 117

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Saturday, 25 April, 2020
NOTE 117.
The Sandes' built their mansion, Carrig House, opposite
the old castle of the O'Conors, and the estate of Carrigafoyle
remained in possession of the family from 1661 to 1867, when
it was sold. The old castle, however, still remains in the
There are in possession of William Sandes Boxwell, Esq.,
of East Molesey, Surrey, portraits of William Sandes, and of
his son Lancelot.
From Act of Settlement, Vol. III. .
P.123. Capt. William Sandes. Lands of Divilish and Loman-
nagh, Ellanbracke and Tullamore alias Baughallmore, and
east part of Doncasteene, all in Kerry. Total 2352-0-1 st.
14th April ?
P.481. Savings under the Act of Settlement—
William Sandes, 1118-4-6.
From M.S.S. Books of Survey and Distribution at R.I.
Academy, Dublin :-
Kerry. Lands of Divillish (410 ac.), Lumanagh (245 ac.),
Baughallmore (450 ac.), Ellanbrack (303 ac.), Doonasteene
(470 ac.) to William Sandes by certificate, 5th June, 1668.

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