Reference: Adrian Sandes - Chapter 1 Annex F, Page 4, 5

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Friday, 26 June, 2020

Issue of Terence Lindsay Sandes (0107) and Diana Wildman-Lushington:

Neil (0001) served in the RN and now lives at Ballyduff, Ireland. By his wife Primrose née Guiton he has three daughters.

Patrick Lindsay (0002) lives in Toronto, Canada. By his wife Renata he has a son and a daughter.

Issue of Neil Sandes (0001) and Primrose Guiton:

Caroline (-0101), who lives in Dublin, has a degree in archaeology from Dublin University, and is a keen traveller.

Sally (-0102) trained at the British School of Racing at Newmarket and worked with a trainer at Cheltenham, before moving to Dubai.

Josephine (-0103).

Issue of Patrick Lindsay Sandes (0001):

Christopher (-0104).

Caroline (-0105) may be living in Dublin.