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Friday, 26 June, 2020

Issue of Robert Ratcliffe Sandes (0205) and Peggy:

Dennis (0104) is a minister of the Church at Kells, Co Kilkenny, Ireland.

Daphne (0105) died.

Issue of Thomas Lindsay Sandes (0206) and Bell Metcalf:

Denis (0106) took an MB at Cambridge University, and became a Surgeon Lieutenant RNVR. He went down in HMS Warwick off Cornwall on 12 February 1944.

Terence (Ben) Lindsay (0107) grew up in South Africa. In 1941 he married Diana, daughter of Major-General Wildman-Lushington RM, by whom he had two sons. He took a BA at Cambridge and served throughout World War II in the RAF, becoming a Wing Commander and winning the DFC. After the war he farmed near Middleburg, South Africa until 1961, when he returned to England. In 1964 he settled at Ballyduff, Co. Waterford, Ireland, and has died.

Sylvia Patricia (0108) was married to Hugh White in 1948. They were both lawyers and lived at Knysna, South Africa. Sylvia was said to look very like my mother when she married.

Issue of John Drummond Sandes (0208) and Gwenta Lockhart:

Patricia (0109) was married three times. Her first husband was a POW of the Japanese and worked on the Burma Road (?). Her second husband was Colonel Tony Simpson, with whom she lived at Cascais, Portugal. Her third husband was Van Regensburg Versluys, an international lawyer. She now lives alone in Surrey.