Reference: Adrian Sandes - Chapter 1 Annex F, Page 3-01

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Friday, 26 June, 2020

Issue of Howard Sands (0203) and Carrie:

Mabel (0101).

Issue of James Lindsay Sandes (0204) and Margaret Furber:

Patrick Thomas Lindsay (0102) was born on 10 March 1914. Following a visit to his grandparents in Ireland in 1916, he developed bacterial meningitis, causing permanent brain damage, and lived in sheltered housing in Bedford.

Edith Margaret (Peggy) Lindsay (0103) was born on 12 December 1920. On 23 December 1941 she was married to Arthur Richard Turner of Newmarket, Suffolk, by whom she had two sons and a daughter. John Richard Lindsay MBE RN (retd) was born on 6 January 1945 and married Judith Roberts (nee Marryatt) by whom he has a child, Southerly Roberts. Nicholas James Lindsay MA was born on 5 March 1947 and married twice: by Judith Linnell BA he had a son and a daughter, and by Jane Shoaf of Smith College, USA, he has a son. Susan Elisabeth Margaret (Suki) BSc was born on 10 September 1950 and was married to Martin Sinclair BA RAF by whom she has two sons.