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Issue of Thomas Sands (0301) and Edith Ann Lindsay:

James Lindsay (0204) was born in Dublin on 14 February 1874, and was educated at High School and Wesley College, Dublin. He went on to Keyham Royal Naval Engineering College, Devenport, and went to sea in HMS Eclipse as an Assistant Engineer in 1897. In 1902 he was promoted Engineer Lieutenant. For two years he was on the staff of the Parliamentary Boiler Committee, in charge of experimental Yarrow boilers. He was promoted Lt-Cdr (E) in 1910 and stationed in Liverpool for two years as Admiralty Overseer, during which time he is believed to have invented a torpedo warhead and improvements to ships’ engines which were adopted in all HM ships. On promotion to Commander (E) in 1914 he was appointed to HMS Southampton and became Fleet Engineer of a light cruiser squadron actively engaged in the North Sea. His services at the Battle of Dogger Bank in 1915 were mentioned in despatches. From late 1916 to mid 1919 he served in the battleship HMS Monarch in the Grand Fleet, after which he was posted to Hong Kong as Chief Engineer of HM Dockyard at Wei Hei Wei, North China. On return to England in 1924 he went on half pay and was retired. He later became Engineer and Manager to Messrs Millers & Corys at St. Vincent, Cape Verde Islands. In 1928 he became a MIMechE. He then became Vice Consul and HM Consul, St. Vincent, serving for over ten years and throughout World War II, and was also Overseer for Lloyds in the islands. He retired as a Captain MBE RN.
James is said to have spelt his surname Sands because of a clerical error when he joined the Royal Navy, which calls in question the information at the start of this Annex. On 4 June 1907, in Bristol, he married Margaret Elizabeth (Daisy) Furber, by whom he had a son and a daughter. He died at Lisbon in 1946.

Robert Ratcliffe (0205) practised as a barrister in Dublin and Capetown, South Africa. He wrote works on the law. At the age of about 63 he married Peggy, by whom he had a son and a daughter. He is said to have reverted to spelling his surname Sandes on meeting another man of that name in South Africa.

Thomas Lindsay (0206) was born in 1877. He became a chartered engineer and FRCS and was awarded the OBE. He lived in Capetown, and married Bell, daughter of A Metcalf, a solicitor of Cradock, South Africa. By her he had two sons and a daughter. He died in 1955.

Edith (0207) was married to Reginald Tennison, by whom she had two daughters, Doreen and Molly ( Owen). Doreen was living in Surrey in 2003, and Molly at Lake Tahoe, California. I corresponded with her at length, and have her autobiography ‘Without my Cloak’ but it is now several years since I have heard from her, and she must have died.

John Drummond (0208) was born in 1884. He was a doctor in the Indian Medical Service, an FRCP, and Professor of Medicine at Calcutta University. He also served as a Lt-Col in the Indian Army Medical Corps and was on the staff of the Viceroy of India,
accompanying Edward Prince of Wales during his tour of the sub-continent in the 1920s. He married Gwenta Lockhart, by whom he had a daughter, but the marriage was dissolved. He then married Rosamund or Rosalind Corfield, who outlived him. He died on 6 January 1977 in London.