Reference: Adrian Sandes - Chapter 1 Annex D, Page 7-02

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Friday, 8 May, 2020

Issue of Samuel Dickson Sandes (0321) and Julia Besnard:

Sophia (0210) was born in 1859. She was married to Arthur de Chair Baker of South Croydon, Surrey , by whom she had issue. She died in 1929.

Maria (0211) was born in 1861. She was married to John Gerrard Baker, by whom she had issue, and died in 1954.

John (0212) was born on 26 February 1863. On 24 November 1897 he married Clare Louise, daughter of Sir Graham Berry of Melbourne, Australia, by whom he had issue. See also Mike Sandes’ website.

Samuel Dickson (0213) was born on 2 September 1865. On 14 May 1898 he married Rose Isabella Allison of Princeton, British Columbia, by whom he had issue. Her recollections were published in 1976 as ‘A Pioneer Gentlewoman in British Columbia’ by M A Ormsby.

William Besnard (0214) was born on 12 February 1867. In 1905 he married Elizabeth Eva, daughter of The Rev William Wilson of Templebrady, Co. Cork., and has issue.

Stephen (0215) died without issue on 4 December 1874.

Fanny Elizabeth (0216).