Reference: Burkes (1912) - page 622-13

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Friday, 8 May, 2020
4. Stephen Creagh, m. Mary Anne, dau. of William Carrique
Ponsonby, of Crotta, co. Kerry, and d. 10 Dec. 1866, leaving
   1. THOMAS WILLIAM, now of Sallow Glen.
   2. Ponsonby Carrique, Lieut. i102nd Regt., d.s.p.
   1. Honoria, m. Capt. J. M. Magill, of Church town, co. Kerry,
   and had issue.
   2. Margaret, m. Lieut.-Col. C. M. Stockley, Norfolk Regt.,
   and had issue.
   3. Eliza Anne.
   4. Frances.
   5. Emily, m. Percy Ripiey Wilson, of Los Angeles, California,
   and had issue.
   6. Ellen Louisa, m. Richard Quain, of Clonsilla, co. Dublin.
   7. Kathleen, m. Capt. H. H. Were, Lancashire Regt.