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Death 26 January 1884
He died in Bombay (now Mumbai), Maharashtra,
Birth 9 February 1885
She was born in Deryagunge (now Daryaganj), Delhi.
Baptism 5 March 1885
She was baptised in Deryagunge (now Daryaganj), Delhi.
Birth 21 July 1921
He was born at Naini Tal, Uttarakhand.
Marriage 8 February 1876
They were married in Muttra (now Mathura), Uttar Pradesh. After the death of Charles Sandes, she remarried Usher W Evans in 1921 in Bristol, Gloucestershire.
Birth 12 February 1882
He was born in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.
Baptism 24 March 1882
He was baptised at the All Saints Church, Lucknow
Birth 25 September 1890
Baptism 12 October 1890
He was baptised in Kamptee, Bengal, India
Marriage 10 June 1907
They were married in Lucknow, Bengal.