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Adrian Sandes - Chapter 1 Annexure C, Page 3

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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Catherine (0503) was married to George Rose of Morgans and Mount Prospect, Co Limerick, by whom she had issue, and was living in 1758. She may also have been married to Maurice Crosbie of Ballykealey, who died aged 80 on 2 November 1761, and by him had issue, but there may be confusion over the similar marriage by Katherine (0604). A portrait of her by Nathaniel Hone, probably done in the late 1750s, was owned by the late Major Mervyn Sandys.

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Catherine Sandes ( - 1799) Kerry

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Marriage George Rose ( - 1795)
Catherine Sandes ( - 1799)
Abt 1744

They were first cousins and had a daughter, Elizabeth Margaret Rose together.