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Adrian Sandes - Chapter 1 Annexure A, Part 2, Pages 9, 10

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John (0406) was born on 22 February 1794 at Listowel. He was commissioned as an Ensign in the 47th Regiment of Foot, later The Lancashire Regiment, on 18 March 1813, and fought in the Peninsula War until February 1814, being present at the Battles of Vittoria and San Sebastian. In May 1815 he was promoted Lieutenant, and served in India in the Mahratta Wars of 1817-18, and in the Persian Gulf in 1819-20. He had to wait until May 1831 to be promoted Captain in his regiment, and from 1833 to 1845 was on half-pay, during which time he married Martha Farnall, daughter of Francis William Bowzer of Neath, Glamorganshire, on 24 December 1844. In 1846 he joined the Cape Mounted Rifles in South Africa, with whom he served against the Gaika Kaffirs and was killed in action near Grahamstown, on 18 April 1846.
A silhouette of him is annotated on the reverse with the place and date of his death, and the addition ‘Because he went back for his false teeth’. I suppose that we shall never know what happened. He had no children.

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John Sandes (1794 - 1846) Glenfield

Captain John Sandes was in H.M. 47th Regiment of Foot and fought in the siege of San Sebastion and the Battle of Vitoria against the Napoleonic Empire, he also fought for the East India Company in the third Anglo-Maratha War. He joined the Cape Mounted Rifles in South Africa in 1846 and fought in the Seventh Xhosa War. His elder brother who died before he was born had the same name.

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Birth John Sandes (1794 - 1846) 22 February 1794
Death John Sandes (1794 - 1846) 18 April 1846

He was killed in action in the Seventh Xhosa War. (apparently going back for his false teeth - see reference note.)