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Adrian Sandes - Chapter 1 Annexure A, Part 2, Page 8

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Thomas H (0404) was born at Listowel on 24 January 1791. His Army statement of service gives the date as 1793, but must be wrong as his younger brothers were born in February of that year and of 1794. He joined the 9th Regiment of Foot ( one of the forerunners of the Royal Anglian Regiment) as a Volunteer in 1815, and was promoted without purchase to Ensign in 1819 and to Lieutenant in 1825. He served in the West Indies from 1820 to 1825. By 1835 the regiment was in India, and on 31 December 1839 it reported from Hazareebaugh in Bengal that he was absent with leave due to ill health, and that he had not married and had no legitimate children; he died in fact on 13 July 1839 on board ship returning from India, apparently as a Captain. From reports of officers’ marriages in the PRO, it seems that he never married.

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Thomas H. Sandes (1791 - 1839) Glenfield

He was a Captain in H.M. 9th Regiment of Foot (now Norfolk Regiment).

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Birth Thomas H. Sandes (1791 - 1839) 24 January 1791
Death Thomas H. Sandes (1791 - 1839) 13 July 1839

He died on board ship returning from India. See reference note.