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Adrian Sandes - Chapter 1 Annexure A, Part 2, Page 7

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Friday, 14 July 2017

John (0505) of Moyvane married first, in December 1797, Honoria, daughter of Daniel Harnett of Kilconlea, Co. Limerick, and second, in 1806, Lucinda Barbara, daughter of Pierce Purcell of Altamira, Co. Cork, by Mary Goold. By each wife he had two daughters. In 1814 he was still living at Moyvane, but he died in 1818, and it may be that the property passed out of the family after this, as it became the seat of the Fitzgeralds, beginning with William Leslie Foster-Vesey-Fitzgerald (1815-1895) who settled there in the 1830s. His son John was living there in 1904 and the family were still owners in 1924, but the Nolans seem to have been managers for some time, and later bought it.. It is not clear why John Sandes inherited Moyvane, and not Henry who is recorded in Burke as his elder brother; perhaps Henry was actually the younger.

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Name Pedigree Notes
John Sandes ( - 1818) Kerry

He was a Justice of The Peace

Honoria Maria Harnett ( - )

Daughter of Daniel Harnett of Limerick.

Lucinda Barbara Purcell ( - 1865)

Daughter of Pierce Purcell of County Cork.

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Event type Name Event date Notes
Marriage John Sandes ( - 1818)
Honoria Maria Harnett ( - )
17 March 1797
Marriage John Sandes ( - 1818)
Lucinda Barbara Purcell ( - 1865)
14 January 1806