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Adrian Sandes - Chapter 1 Annexure A, Part 2, Page 3, 4

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Lancelot (0801) was styling himself ‘of Carrigafoyle’ in 1661, in which year he was MP for Dingle Borough. He was also High Sheriff in 1666. He married Margaret, daughter of Anthony Stoughton of Ballyhorgan, Co. Kerry, which is about five miles south-west of Listowel. By her he had four sons and a daughter, and died in 1668. A portrait of him also was in the possession of Mr Boxwell, mentioned above. Margaret was remarried on his death, to Edward Payne Esq of Co Limerick, by whom she had issue.

Like his father, Lancelot claimed lands in Ireland by virtue of service there under the Commonwealth. He was a Lieutenant in the Army when he was party to a report in 1655 on a Mr Spring of Co Kerry, holding him to be ‘in good affection’ with the Government and to have renounced Popery. Under the Act of settlement he received in 1666 grants of 2 acres at Ballynalish and 216 acres at Kilbonane in Co. Kerry, and in 1667 lands at Hartstowne, Coatstowne, Saraghstowne and Galboystowne in Co. Meath, which lies between Louth and Dublin, some way from Kerry. As mentioned above he also leased land from Trinity College, to whom he was known as Lieutenant Sandes. Lancelot was the progenitor of the Sandes of Carrigafoyle (see Annexure C).

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Lancelot Sandes ( - 1668) Kerry

He was a Member of Parliament for Kerry 1662, High Sheriff of Kerry 1666 (see Pedigree note - L Sandes)