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The Terror of North Kerry

The Exploits of Mr. George Sandes, magistrate and terror of North Kerry. - George Sandes was born in 1821 son of Captain John Sandes and his wife Agnes Sandes (who were second cousins). In 1851 he was recorded as the owner of two houses, namely No.s 24 and 35 The Square, Listowel. He later inherited 'Greenville' from his uncle, William Gough Sandes J.P. who died without issue.

Lancelot Dalrymple Sandes D.F.C.

He was born 1913, son of Robert Dalrymple Sandes and Ruby Hilda Lamb. To his friends and family he was affectionately known as 'Mike'. He had two elder sisters, Phyliss (b. 1908) and Lorna (b. 1911), two younger brothers, Robert (Robin) (b. 1915) and Raymond (b.1919) and a younger sister Pamela (b. 1925).

He returned to Britain from India with his entire family in 1923.

Heaven's Command, The Story of Elise Sandes

Elise Anne Sandes was born at Oakville near Tralee, Co Kerry in 1851. Her father, Stephen Creagh Sandes was a member of a family long settled in Kerry and having its seats at Sallow Glen, Tarbert. It was related to the Fitzgeralds, Blennerhassets, Crosbys and Mahonys, the main land owning families in Kerry.

The village that Hates its Name.

The village originally got its name from George Sandes who was the owner of the lands upon which it was situated. George Sandes and later Thomas William Sandes were landlords and agents for other landlords and not noted for their kindness and generosity. They regularly evicted impoverished tenants who were behind on rents. They became hated figures.

Francis Percival Sandes

Born 21 January 1876 in Ipswich, near Brisbane, Queensland son of an Irish-born police sergeant he attended Brisbane Grammar School and went on to study medicine at Sydney University. He graduated MD with first class honours in 1903.

A Fine Brother

The incredible Flora Sandes achieved international recognition for her part fighting as a soldier in the Serbian army during The First World War. The definitive book about Flora Sandes, 'A Fine Brother' by Louise Miller is available at all book shops.

Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur Sandes

Arthur Sandes fought in Belgium at the Battle of Waterloo against Napoleon on 18th June 1815. He left the British army later that year. In 1817 he was recruited into Colonel Frederick Campbell's Regiment of Chasseurs by the representative of Bolivar in London. Soldiers of fortune destined to fight for Simon Bolivar in his bid for independence from Spain in South America, they set sail for Venezuela in January 1818.